Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Appointment of new Bishop tears Ondo Anglican Church apart

More troubling news about the African church. This time in Nigeria. The king of Ile Oluji (Alayeluwa Oba Engr) is pictured. Couldn't resist the hat!

HELL was let loose yesterday as irate youths in Ile Oluji area of Ondo State threw explosives inside the St. Peters Anglican Church to protest the appointment of a new Bishop for the newly established Diocese in the town.
Also, elders of the town displayed placards in rejection of the appointment of the new Bishop of the diocese Venerable Christopher Omotunde.

Those against him raised nine-point ground of objection to the appointment and urged the primate to rescind the decision and appoint a new Bishop for the diocese.

Some of the placards carried by the protesting members of the church read “We reject Omotunde as our Bishop”, “Omotunde is not fit to be our Bishop”.

Vanguard learnt that the Sunday service was abruptly halted as the youths stormed the church and threw the explosives.

Omotunde was said to be away to Abuja when the youths stormed the church yesterday.
Some people were said to have been injured as the worshipers fled to different directions for fear of being hurt by the explosives.

The yearly annual children harvest slated for yesterday was abruptly concluded following the noise of the explosive that scared the children out of the church. Some of the youths however threatened to march to Vicarage and burn it even as pleas for pastors and elders of the Church were rebuffed by them.



Andy Muhl said...

"The yearly annual children harvest..."

Wow, how do they harvest their children? Do they grow in fields or on trees?

Celinda Scott said...

I couldn't find out on-line why this bishop was disliked. Does anyone know?

Jim Simons said...

I thought that was odd too Celinda. Its often typical of the African papers I read they don't answer the question they raise which in this case is "why".

BTW Andrew - Never heard of cabbage patch kids?