Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Legal fight brews over St. Aidan's

Apparently Canada doesn't know the difference between Vermont and New Hampshire. Well its better than confusing New Hampshire and New Mexico! More property battles this time in Huron (which is someplace up there). Oh Canada !

The battle over scripture is escalating between two factions of the Anglican Church, with each claiming ownership of St. Aidan's on Wyandotte Street East.

Rev. Tom Carman represents the 109 church members who voted Sept. 28 to break away from the Huron diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada and join the conservative, breakaway Anglican Network in Canada.
That leaves up to 50 members who have no place to go, and who want their building back.

The split is over the ANIC's views that human sexuality is between a man and woman within marriage.
PLUNGED INTO DEBATE The Anglican Church of Canada was plunged into the debate when a church in New Westminster, B.C., agreed in 2002 to perform same-sex marriages, and a year later an openly gay bishop was ordained in Vermont.


Robert Christian said...

so couldn't they share the space??? for at least the short term?

Celinda Scott said...

Would both sides be willing to do so? That would
seem like a possible way out, although not easy because of hurt feelings. --I just read part of an article in the new issue of _Anglican Digest_ in which "homophobia" (by which the author meant the conservative view on the sexual issues whether or not "phobia" is present) was called a "sin" which the church must repent of, and any half-way or stalling measures by conservatives, including moratoria, were termed "slick" and "dishonest" (or words to that effect); it was sort of an all-out declaration of war against anyone who wasn't 100% with the LGBT agenda and carrying it out now. Very opposed to the Windsor Process. ANYWAY--it might be hard to share a church when both sides used the SIN word so strongly about the same issue, but with opposite intent.