Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Stuff in TEC: Ohio

Kelly Marshall served on the staff of Calvary in Shadyside years ago.

Thank God for blessings by taking action

Long before any legislation, the Bible has been a source of many passages about being thankful and giving thanks.

“It’s a time to focus on what concrete thing, what action have I taken to express my gratefulness to God, family and neighbors for the good in my life,” said the Rev. Kelly Marshall, rector of St. James’ Episcopal Church, 7640 Glenwood Ave. “At the least, will I take a concrete action to say thank you and at the most, will I share a good thing.”

The pastor said this is the season to “reflect on our blessings in life.” And, he said, saying thanks to God could take the form of “donating time, energy and resources” to those who aren’t so fortunate. “The faith community helps people reflect on what is truly important in life.”

On Thanksgiving Day, Father Marshall said, it’s expected to express thanks. “But shouldn’t we make a lifelong and daily practice to give thanks,” he pondered.

“Living in a thankful way probably will make us appreciate the good that has come to us. Having a sense of reflecting on the good things in our lives is part of the Christian and Jewish heritage,” Father Marshall said. “If we never take the time to reflect, we tend not to reach out.” He said reflection may help people see the bounty that they have and “become more concerned about the needs of others and less selfish.”

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