Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Episcopal leader says split will have little impact locall

Wishful thinking in Ft. Worth. Its hard to believe that the names of these towns are real. Sounds like somewhere Granny Clampett might frequent.

The theologically conservative Diocese of Fort Worth voted Saturday to split from the liberal-leaning Episcopal Church, the fourth traditional diocese to do so in a long-running debate over the Bible, gay relationships and other issues.

Father John Phelps, who leads congregations at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Mineral Wells as (well as) the Episcopal churches at Possum Kingdom Lake and Graham, said the decision to separate from the national church should have little impact on local church members.

“In one sense it doesn’t mean anything at all, we’ll be the same as we were,” said Phelps. “We’ll use the same Bible and same prayer book, we’ll meet at the same places. I will preach on the same topics. People in the congregations will hear the same message about Jesus Christ and the gospel. In that sense, nothing will change.”

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