Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Stuff in TEC: North Carolina

Efforts to end world hunger happen right here

Three years ago an estimated 30,000 people worldwide died from hunger-related issues each year. Now, according to the organization Stop Hunger Now, that number is 25,000 and dropping.

That the number is dropping is thanks, in part, to organizations like Stop Hunger Now and local groups willing to pitch in and make a difference, according to Terry Brown, a volunteer coordinator with the relief agency. Eighty members of Christ Episcopal Church in Elizabeth City were joined by Brown to help make a difference this past weekend, packaging and sending 8,000 meals to school lunch programs in Africa.

Brown, whose group is based in Raleigh, says churches and various organizations like Christ Church contact his organization and arrange to purchase the needed supplies and organize an assembly line to package the items for shipment.

“It’s truly the best sense of doing,” he says. It’s about fundraising and physical participation in the solution of a problem that has global proportions.

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