Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anglican Archbishop speaks out after violence

From Episcopal Life Online-

Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi is appealing for prayers after more than 500 people are reported dead in the Jos region of Nigeria where two villages were attacked by gangs during the night of March 7.

"Some of these communities may never again be recognized in history because generations have been wiped out," Kwashi said in a statement posted o the Church Mission Society website. "Hundreds of corpses of men, women, children and grandchildren littered the burned houses, roads, bush paths, farm areas and hiding places."

The archbishop, who provides oversight for 11 dioceses throughout the Province of Jos in the Church of Nigeria, encouraged "all who trust in the Lord to keep praying and never give up."
The full scale of the massacre has yet to be realized as various eye-witness reports and updates continue to surface from human rights agencies and journalists working in the region. While some reports claim that the attacks are religiously motivated, others acknowledge that the situation is far more complex and cite a lack of resources and bad governance as the primary cause.

In his statement, Kwashi said: "I know as of fact of many Christian religious, political and community leaders who are willing and prepared peacefully to arrive at workable conditions for people to live with. I also know as of fact that there are Muslim religious, political and community leaders who are willing to find solutions." Kwashi asked: "Is there no other way by which matters can be resolved except through this sadistic and cruel way of making peoples' lives miserable? For me, as a Christian, human life is so sacred that no one, absolutely no one, should tamper with it, no matter what religious faith you belong to. Human life is so sacred and we have to teach and train people to value it: it is a gift from God."

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