Monday, March 8, 2010

Madison residents talk homeless shelter issues

From Wisconsin-

Madison residents voiced concerns and brainstormed solutions on how to improve homeless shelters in the city Saturday as a part of the Madison Homelessness Initiative’s “Dialogues on Homelessness.”

The dialogue included past and present homeless individuals, representatives of shelters and concerned residents. The discussion was centered mostly on the Grace Episcopal Church emergency shelter for men run by Porchlight Inc.

“I don’t feel that the shelter is perfect,” Porchlight Director of Operations Brad Hinkfuss said. “It’s a struggle for resources, and it’s a matter of doing the best you can with what you have. This doesn’t mean we don’t think there’s room for change.”

The group also had change on their mind.

Donna Asif, MHI director, said the community is rich with resources beyond money. She said people using the services have much to offer and should join forces with the shelter to make life better for everybody.

“Creativity is a resource and in this community there’s passion, there’s intelligence, there’s experience,” Asif said. “Change means you’re alive and breathing.”

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