Monday, March 8, 2010

More Anglicans say Yes to Full Communion: The Restoration of the Church.


a well written February 26, 2010 editorial for the Wall Street Journal entitled "The Beginning of the Reformation´s End", Charlotte Hays described an event which may become more common in the year ahead:

"On a recent evening, about 60 people—ex-Episcopalians, curious Catholics and a smattering of earnest Episcopal priests in clerical collars—gathered downtown for an unusual liturgy: It was Evensong and Benediction, sung according to the Book of Divine Worship, an Anglican Use liturgical book still being prepared in Rome.

"Beautiful evensongs are a signature of Protestant Episcopal worship. Benediction, which consists of hymns, canticles or litanies before the consecrated host on the altar, is a Catholic devotion. We were getting a blend of both at St. Mary Mother of God Church, lent for the occasion.

"One former Episcopalian present confessed to having to choke back tears as the first plainsong strains of "Humbly I Adore Thee," the Anglican version of a hymn by St. Thomas Aquinas, floated down from the organ in the balcony. A convert to Catholicism, she could not believe she was sitting in a Catholic Church, hearing the words of her Anglican girlhood—and as part of an authorized, Roman Catholic liturgy."

As I have written before in "Here Come the Anglicans", the movement is gaining traction. On Wednesday March 3, 2010, members of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) in the United States (who use the organizational name Anglican Church in America) voted to give their "Fiat", their "Yes" of love to the invitation of the Holy Spirit working through the Successor of Peter, Pope Benedict XVI. They will come into the full communion of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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John Iliff said...

Episcopal blogland seems quite silent, while conservative RC blogs are in triumphalistic raptures over the imminent collapse of a moribund Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church.

The following from Oct. '09 has some telling observations:

My beef, I suppose , is not with long-time schismatics being "welcomed home".

What irritates me are the broader negative implications for our own church, and this thinly veiled general invitation to Anglicans & Episcopalians beyond TAC, by Rome.

That's not evangelism, that's blatant proselytism.

Where is our leadership -anywhere- willing to call it out for what seemingly everyone (but us) can clearly see it is?